Monday, November 16, 2015

Freezing Zero c28 released

Today we release Freezing Zero Ch 28.

Chiffon Fairchild II, (or the Lab 13 arc) as some have come to call it, tells the story of everyone's favorite 'Smiling Monster" of West Genetics.  Chiffon is on the loose!  

Grab it in irc on or read it on (shortly)

Either way, drop in, say hi, and give thanks for your favorite Manga.

Please don't forget to buy the official releases once they are available in your area.


  1. It's nice seeing her past; thank you for the chapter!

  2. U the best
    I usually read your manga at mangafox though but your orignal blog is the fastest nice mate

  3. Just established an IRC Highway account, but, how do I find your channel?