Sunday, June 12, 2016

1 year Anniversity!!

Celebrate with us!!  One year ago July 21 we made our first post, and prepared to release our first chapter.  

It all began with Freezing, and REC.  It quickly snowballed into additional series such as Adam in Puberty, Sekirei, Dream Hunter Rem.  It's hard to believe but a year later, we have picked up at least two series from the no longer defunct Renzokusei scans, and we've also managed to pick up a number of the now disbanded Japanzai scanlation group (Welcome them please!)

A modest half dozen titles has grown to include 22 titles with more on the way!  We've even partnered with other groups to deliver them faster to you.

To celebrate this first year, we've decided on a small art contest.  The prize? The best entrants will be released along with the chapters we will release during the last two weeks of July.

Submissions MUST be in by July 15th, 2016
Submissions MUST contain characters from series we scanlate.  You MAY cross the series, Minato Sahashi with Rana Linchen and/or Satellizer?  Kazuya with Musubi and/or Tsukiumi or the others?  Kazuya with your favourite girl from Youkai Shoujo?  Go for it.  Make it unique and you might just get showcased ANYWAYS.  The limits are boundless within the series we have worked on (Past and present)

Any character(s) from any serie(s) we scanlate in any scene you can imagine, (obviously dangerous H-material aside.  This means if batoto will remove it for hentai-ness, it won't be included).

We hope to continue scanlating and bringing you our best quality work for a second year.

If you haven't already, drop into #LetItGo, #PocketLoli, or #MSD on irc.irchighwaynet and help us celebrate!

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