Friday, September 1, 2017

Youkai Shoujo Monsuga c106 released

Oni-killing Oni, The barrier is broken and Moribito continues to struggle.  Can Yatsuki be saved?  Youkai Shoujo Monsuga continues in c106.

Grab it in irc on with trigger !ys106 or read it on (shortly)

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  1. Thanks a lot for the new chapter! :)

  2. Thanks and please don't drop it. Only 3 volumes left. Please translate this completely.

    1. We need a willing translator. As it's licenced a Castellan will no longer do it. We do have the rest of this volume and plan to complete it.

    2. That makes zero sense.
      This manga has just recently been licensed. The translation is at chapter 106.
      It will take years for the official release to catch up, with no guarantee at all that it will even run that long.

    3. We are still going to release the remainder of the 'current volume' that we've been working on.

      I find however, when a series gets 'licensed' some wind is lost in the so called 'sails'. Things have been progressing for them, just, a lot slower.