Sunday, December 31, 2017

State of Scanlation - Autumn 2017

State of Scanlation

Last week we learned the irc bot where we provide the zip files of our releases was not responding to requests.  This has since been rectified and should have been working by Monday Oct 23.

Other news.

  • Demo is back.  He's been working primarily on Domestic na Kanojo  and we have a couple scripts in the pipeline.  At least one waiting for Quality Checking.
  • Brave Star Romantics, a series we've picked up with the help of Cas, is finished in Japan.  We are sticking to our 1 volume commitment and I'll be working on it myself (Godric) unless we get a typesetter who really wants to work on it more than me.
  • 365 days without her, a Sekirei spin-off, we've partnered with another group to get this series released.  It's was alternating with Brave Star Romantics in the publishing schedule so hopefully with BSR being done, it will get more attention and more chapters.

  • We continue to need help with the series to get them done faster.  Check out the recruit cards or the recruit page for more info.

  • We are working on getting our own reader up and running.  We also have a new domain name.  LetItGo.Scans.Today (it loads here).

  • We've begun work on Kirei ni Shitemoraemasukai.  It's officially picked up and work is in progress.  It appears they simply CONTINUED the story so no number reset.  - Thank God. -   We could really use a dependable typesetter to assist with at least 2 projects.  Join us in Discord to ask more (and fill in an application on the recruitment page).  Chapter 4 is nearly ready.

  • We now have the next Volumes for Saikin (Vol 4) Yuizaki (Vol 4) and Kunoichi (Vol 3).  We also have DomeX vol 12.  Why so far ahead? I hate NOT having them for preparation work.

  • (Updated Dec 21st) Want to support us?  When you need to search for manga and anime, try searching here. It won't cost you a cent, AND it should provide the cost of RAWs that we need!  It'll return amazon, scanlation group and aggregator listings!


  1. Great to hear that the IRC bot is back up and running!

  2. As nice as it is to hear about the bot, Yuizaki 28 still seems to be missing from it. No reaction to the trigger and, if it's Kusano we're talking about, the packlist page I managed to find after a bit of searching shows that it simply isn't even on the bot.

    1. It is, I just double checked. I know its been a couple weeks but its been a little crazy.

      I think I checked weeks ago, just never got 'around' to replying here... I can SEE it in the folder. so it IS there.

  3. Most of the new releases are on Ikaros as opposed to Kusano. Ikaros is not logged into the channel..or any other channel. Since it isn't there it cant be "msg"ed and so can't take XDCC requests. The Bot may in fact be fine on the administrative side but can't be seen by users. Sorry to be terse..early in the morning for me..Thanks for the work.

    1. Yeah, I thought I remembered it being on something else the last time, but since I haven't seen it there in the last few days, I wasn't even sure it existed anymore...

    2. I was in earlier and it was there. The bot is usually named Kusano or Ikaros.

      Besides, it's always better IMO to use the !trigger to grab chapters.

    3. We don't really support the spreading of "paid licensed" works.

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