Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Domestic na Kanojo c97 released.

Their Resolve, Natsu is rushed to find his phone, meanwhile the club has a chance encounter with Hina-sensei?  Rui and Hina have a heart to heart...  Domestic na Kanojo continues with c97.

Grab it in irc on #letItGo@irc.irchighway.net  with trigger !domex97 or read it on bato.to (shortly).

Demo is back, and on the job translating DomeX.  I have translations for the next couple chapters however while I hope for weekly, its likely gonna be every other week at least for the next month.

It's christmas time, in the real life...

Ding aling... hear them scream...

Soon they'll have read all their manga...

Either way, drop in, say hi, and give thanks for your favorite Manga.

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