Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Domestic na Kanojo c98 released.

Mistake...?, Rui is trying to distract herself, while Natsu experiences writers block.  Tsutaya has an suggestion but...  Domestic na Kanojo continues with c98.

Grab it in irc on #letItGo@irc.irchighway.net  with trigger !domex98 or read it on bato.to (shortly).

Release #394 for LetItGo.  Countdown to 400 Releases.  Wow, its only been 6 months!!

It's christmas time, in the real life...

Ding aling... hear them scream...

Soon they'll have read all their manga...

Either way, drop in, say hi, and give thanks for your favorite Manga.

Please don't forget to buy the official releases once they are available in your area.