Friday, January 26, 2018

The death of

Batoto is dead, long live the potato.

Our official Reader site has died.  The domain has been auctioned and as we would love to wait to see what might come from the auction, the fact is no one knows.  I’ve started evaluating reader sites to determine which one is the most reader and scanlator friendly in the wake of recent events with batoto.

Currently there is really only three choices, and one stands hands and shoulders among them.

First, we will slowly be building up our own hosted solution, and while I myself had considered finding a solution to open up to the community at large, the fact is the only solution before us is limited in scope.

So, we will slowly be uploading our series to

Secondly, the seemingly favoured reader site more like batoto, is mangadex.  For now, while it is being developed, it seems the most promising.  So we will “officially” be supporting them in the meantime.

Please note however we have some 420 or more releases to upload so it will take some time.

The third “visual” choice that I’ve reviewed still has a way to go, but I understand they’ve been overhauling their design.  Check out if you have time.

Thanks for being patient with us.

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