Saturday, March 31, 2018

State of Scanlation 2018 - March

With Batoto closed down, we've moved over to one of the first aggregation sites to pick up the slack.  Mangadex is shaping up to be a hopeful path to the future.  We have also started compiling on our own group site here

I have some projects in the works that need staff.  Some 'isekai' that we might be taking over from another group (or two) and we will mainly need typesetters, redrawers, and yes, proofreaders would help as well.

So if you like the more 'isekai' jump over to our recruitment page and submit a application for the role you think you can fill.

Simply put 'future projects' in the 'other' line when you are asked about which projects you want to work on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Some other news
  • Domestic na Kanojo - We still have a couple scripts, but between it being licensed, and another group/aggregator RIPPING the official releases, we are opting to do the chapters we have and finish it.  We will however look at translating any special chapters not officially released in the english version.
  • Ninkoi karenbo - This will be finished up probably in the next week.  It's currently in QC.  Uncharted scans also stepped up and did the omake/extra story at the end.
  • Youkai Shoujo - You should see a handful of chapters released over the next month as we finish out the volume.
  • Gun x Clover - Should be finished up soon.  Translation is ongoing.
We've been a bit slow with the new year but we are slowly picking up the pace again.

Again, we are always looking for more help.


  1. would be an issue for me since mangadex is banned in indonesia by those zealots in the govvy, so don't be mad at me for reading it on another aggregator :3

    1. You can always read on our new reader site. Unless it's been banned as well.

      It will take some time to flesh it out with all our back releases but we hope to also include various other groups' manga that we've worked on as well.

  2. Awesome can't wait for Ninkoi ending

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