Thursday, May 31, 2018

State of Scanlation 2018 - May

We are slowly creeping up to the groups anniversary once again, please, if you have any fan art, fan colouring, etc, please send it in and we'll include it in the releases.

NOTE: Ikaros, the irc file serving bot should now be back up.  As well as the reader.  Enjoy.


For those that have not noticed, I've added a page for donations.  The funds from this will be used primarily for RAWs.  I've decided to use paypal to hold the money and setup 'donation pools' so the funds can be kept for the project in question.  For series that are ending soon, the funds will be used to reimburse for the RAWs already purchased and be folded forward into new projects as we pick them up.  General funds option is to help us with unspecified series, or other fee's like dropbox/google drive costs.

Series ending.

  • Ashitaba-san Chi no Muko Kurashi.  This series is complete in japan at 7 volumes.  We plan to finish it off.
  • Saikin Kono Sekai wa Watashi Dake no Mono ni Narimashita...... is complete in Japan as well, with 4 volumes.  We are about halfway through the last volume and hope to finish it by mid-summer.  Small chapters yes, but puzzling...?
  • Yuizaki-san wa Nageru! is complete with 5 volumes in Japan.  It's been purchased and we are preparing it.  
  • Kunoichi no Ichi! is complete in Japan with 5 volumes as well.  Again, we have it and are preparing this for summer.  Yes, there is a sequel, and we fully intend on doing it as well.


As always we are in need of volunteer staff to bring the best work to you on a regular basis.  While we prefer not to touch LICENSED projects, we won't strictly turn them down if a translator is willing, and the official version is 'crap'. 

  • Translator - Should be a intermediate level for the sanity of the proofreader(s)  Hell, bring us projects you want to do and they might go to the top of our list.
  • Proofreaders - Grammar natzi's are welcome, however be mindful of the 'spirit' of the original text.  We need for a variety of projects.
  • Redrawers - You need to use Photoshop for this and be willing to keep pace with the projects you want to work on, and able to help out with other series on a non-regular basis.  (I promise...  I do.. really... )
  • Typesetters - We could use one typesetter.  Again must use Photoshop for best results.
  • Quality Control - We do need this, you should be able to check fonts, font size, style, text shaping, positioning while being mindful of the original text and meaning.  
Please apply using the menu above, and then drop into our discord if you have any questions.

Projects in need

We've been asked by One Time Scans to help pick up their slack on a number of projects.   Unfortunately a couple of them need translators to continue.
  • Re:zero Kara Hajimeru (third arc)
  • Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
  • Ero Manga-sensei 


Projects we are currently picking up and may need some additional help with are...
  • Dekisokonai no Monster Trainer (former joint project with OTS)
  • Gun-Ota ga Mahou Sekai ni Tensei shitara, Gendai Heiki de Guntai Harem wo Tsukucchaimashita!? (former joint project with OTS)

  • Mushoku Tensei - as a joint with CAT Scans.  
  • Seitokai Tantei Kirika
  • Is it okay to pick up girls in the dungeon (danmachi)* (needs a translator after we finish existing scripts)
  • Episode Ryuu* (needs a translator after we finish existing scripts)
  • Sword Oratoria (needs a translator after we finish existing scripts)


  1. he does not let me donate, he tells me he is not available for my country

    1. Which country? It might be a paypal restriction...

    2. I may have found the issue here?

  2. Glad to see you guys picking up the Danmachi series and Seitokai! Appreciate the work that this group has always done.

    I usually don't like to ask stuff like this but I do have a question about the Machine Doll project though. It's been over a year since there's been any update on it. Do you guys know if there has even been any more chapters released since then? I've been following this since the FTH days and I just wanted to know more info about it. Thanks!

    1. We do have a couple chapters, two problems.

      The translator seems to be MIA, last I heard from him was some 3 months ago when he was shocked another chapter was out... (in fact there where two). This leave us waiting for a translator to work on it.

      If you know someone interested, please send them our way. It's already cleaned...

    2. Wow, I am shocked (and happy) to hear there's been two new chapters since then too haha. I understand you situation though, I'll definitely help keep an eye out for anyone interested then because I'd love to see this being continued.

      Thanks for this bit of news! Really do appreciate the work you guys have put in.

  3. The post is dated in the future! 8 days from now lol :)

    1. Yes it is... it's the only way to pin it at the top.