Sunday, September 30, 2018

State of Scanlation 2018 - September

It’s been a while since I posted anything new.

We’ve had some issues since July, and we are slowly solving them.

Sword Oratoria is slowly moving along.  We have redraws that need done to release at least one chapter.

Danmachi is Has one more chapter left of the scripts we had.  A potential new translator has joined us and I hope to have a couple chapters by the end of the first week of October.

Shield Hero looks like the joint we had with LHT is over.  They’ve decided they can do it faster without us.  We will still consider doing our own version.

Mushoku Tensei is coming along.  We have at least one chapter in quality control, and one in redraws.

Hare kon’s 15th volume is nearly complete and will be moving onto the 16th.  Regular releases should stay with every Monday.

Hanebado is still being translated at his time.  It’s a wordy series so it takes the TLer some time to get terms correct.  Yes, we see another group is trying to snip it.

Yuizaki-san is complete in Japan, and we are finishing up the current volume, translations for the last volume have already stated rolling in.

Freezing.  It seems like it’s been forever since we started on this, and while we are a couple chapters behind, it can’t really be helped.  Translator is infected with a real life. ;)

365 days without her (Sekirei 365), our translator with the joint group got busy and we’ve not heard from them.  The joint group also doesn’t seem to have a spare translator.  If your willing to help out on this please apply.

Kunoichi no Ichi, is also in progress still.  We have 2-3 chapters in progress.  One more near ready for release.

Youkai Shoujo continues to be typeset. We have ALL scripts til the end.  We could use help in proofreading the series however.

Gun X Clover, we are dedicated to finishing the series.  The next chapter will be out within the next couple weeks with luck.  Redraws and QC.

Too Much Pain, we took a little longer than expected getting this series cleaned and typeset.  The translator is no longer responding so we could use a translator interested in the series to continue.

Gun-Ota ga Mahou~, is waiting on redraws and typesetting.  We have up to c30 approx so far so expect more soon.  The redraws on the next couple chapters ARE a bitch.

That’s most of the updates.  I’m working on a few others this weekend so hopefully more releases this week will include Happy Negative Marriage, UsoPara, and Kami-sama Drop.