Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Hare-kon c165 released.

The Man's Exposed Seed, With the topic of if Ryuu have swimmers the topic of discussion, does Koharu want to know?  Can Ryuu place his hopes in the fertility shrine?  Hare-kon continues in chapter 165.

Grab it on irc from #LetItGo@irc.irchighway.net with the trigger !hkon165 or read it on our reader or on mangadex (shortly)

Join the LetItGo Scans discord here https://discord.gg/GkgfxFq

It seems the series has now ended.  Remember to support the mangaka when the series comes available in your region, Or just buy the original japanese and read ours!

Celebrating Release 691.  The slow road to the next hundred (700) seems extra long this time for some reason.  Oh wait, that's right, PACE... or as Stifflers grandmother says.. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS...

Drop in, give thanks and don't forget to support the mangaka's by purchasing the work when it becomes available in your area.

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