Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kirei ni Shitemoraemasuka c17 released.

That Is Too Wonderful, Kinme gets a brief respite from the web orders, of course this means a trip to a bath-house where she gains yet another 'fan'.  Who's stalking Kinme as she works?  Kirei ni Shitemoraemasuka continues in c17.

Grab it in irc on #letItGo@irc.irchighway.net  with trigger !kirei17 or read it on our reader here or mangadex (shortly).

I apologize for how long it took to get this out.  We need help.  QC and Proofreaders!

Either way, drop in, say hi, and give thanks for your favorite Manga.

Please don't forget to buy the official releases once they are available in your area.

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