Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Romsen Saga c1 Released

Ever wanted to be something but you where held back?  Meet Charlie Barett.  He wants to be a hero but he's been relegated to 'Gatekeeper' status.  To make matters worse beside him is...

The Omen of Resurrection of Satan
"The One Who Brought the Horror & Chaos in to the World" Has Been Seen...
In Oder to Find Out the Truth, Four Heroes Have Been Chosen.
They Have Headed to the Northern Land,
Where It Is Said That Satan Had Been Sealed.
Alongside This Main Story,
Now Another Story Is Being Spun from the People's Daily Life.

This came to us a couple weeks ago and we've slowly been working slowly to get it out.  Unsure if we will continue this but apparently the translator is working on the next chapter.

Read it from our official online reader or download it from our irc channel

Trigger: !romsen1

Yes, we are recruiting for this series.  Typesetter, Cleaner, and proofreader.
*Must have/be able to use Adobe Photoshop

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  1. Are you going to continue scanlating this manga ?