Friday, June 30, 2017

State of Scanlation

Welcome to Spring 2017 

This quarter we see some interesting news.

Sekirei's GOKURAKUIN Sakurako is reported to be starting a new series based on Sekirei, apparently it will fill in MORE of the missing last year(s).  "Kanojo no Inai 365-Hi no Koto" (About 365 Days Without a Girlfriend).  One year since Musubi beat Miya, and one year before she returns.  This is that story.  Yes, I hope to pick it up.

Freezing's Im Dal Young has been Ill since November.  Apparently the series is due to resume 'this Spring'.  The only problem is Spring ends in June (and some say the publisher claims July), we can barely wait.

I've be in contact with a number of translators seeking to have various projects done.  To this ends, we have received scripts and some RAWs for the following series.
  • Broken Blade.  We had been eyeballing this and had received a couple scripts for it while the other group continued to do a sub-standard job.  At least to our view.  VisCoun scans returned and took it over once again.  Meanwhile, we have most of their releases on our irc bot.
  • Ninkoi - Karenbo Hichou.  There are only 5 chapters left, and it seems our own 'Demo' was the translator of note on these scripts.  They are being proofread currently.
  • Starving Anonymous.  While I don't really do horror, I had at least one cleaner jump on it and had it cleaned before I could say "I'll think about it."  More proof that if  you provide us scripts, GOOD scripts, then it'll get done.  Chapter 1 is currently in quality control. This should be out during Golden Week with some luck.  (First week of May)
  • In Another World, I'm Called: The Black Healer.  Yet another translator asked if we could pick this up if they provides scripts.  I've agreed as it's one of the many series I read.  We are currently looking for decent RAWs.  We are still waiting on the scripts  and proofing.
  • qtμt. No, I'm not overly familiar with it, the same translator who asked about Starving Anonymous requested this one as well.  We have it on our 'to do list' but have yet to receive the scripts. (qt cutie, or Cutie Mutie?) Seems like a 4-koma. I generally don't like 4-koma formats but this one doesn't seem to bad at first glance.
  • "Kanojo no Inai 365-Hi no Koto".   (Sekirei) I just received the RAWs for the first chapter.  I may have a translator willing to but it might be a month.  I'll continue to collect the RAWs in the meantime and hopefully we can get caught up fast. (May 13)
  • "Freezing".  We are still waiting on Freezing to return from hiatus, yes, we know this is disappointing.  Honestly we don't expect anything before the end of June 2017 (or mid July).  On the other hand, we HAVE found more extra 'omake' type chapters.  Two more from the Freezing Vibration DVD releases.  I will be speaking to the translator about them in the next couple weeks.
No, we have not yet dropped any projects OTHER than Break Blade which VisCoun has taken back up, but we do need translators to help nudge some of them forward.

I am also hoping to do a release a day during golden week.  Also, our anniversary is coming up in July.  So once again we will plan to highlight fan art (or short fanfictions) from any series we are currently working on.  Even crossover art.

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  1. Thank you very much for the news of Sekirei, I will be waiting for the releases.