Sunday, September 8, 2019

State of Scanlation Sept 2019

It’s been a while since I updated.

We’ve had some more issues this year.  If you noticed we where unable to give the celebration in July that you are accustomed to.  We need Redrawers for the work we have now, and some other staff to pick up other series'

Sword Oratoria is slowly moving along.  We have redraws that need done to release at least one chapter.  We may drop it after we release the work we've done so far.

Danmachi While we have more we want to do, the translator is inundated with real life.   Unfortunately we might need to drop this.  It also seems another group has picked it up.

Mushoku Tensei is coming along.  We have at least one chapter in quality control, and one in redraws.

Hare kon’s is done in Japan, however we are now working on the 17th volume.  The pace has slowed but we continue.

Hanebado dropped.

Yuizaki-san is complete in Japan, There are only a couple chapters left.  Hopefully the translator will get hooked on something else and we'll work on that as well.

Freezing.  It seems like it’s been forever since we started on this, and while we are a couple chapters behind, it can’t really be helped.  Translator is infected with a real life. ;)  Also, it seems to be on hiatus yet again in Japan, this time the artist.

365 days without her (Sekirei 365), Dropped.  The official release was out long ago.  Go buy it please.

Kunoichi no Ichi, the typesetter disappeared on us.  After a short conversation with a sniper we have it back.  I have a number of chapters in progress and its waiting mainly on qc and redraws.

Youkai Shoujo STILL continues to be typeset. We have ALL scripts til the end.  We could use help in proofreading AND redrawing the series however.

Gun X Clover, we are dedicated to finishing the series.  The next chapter will be out within the next couple weeks with luck.  Typesetter got locked down with real life (and does Youkai Shoujo).

Too Much Pain, We desperately need a translator for this series if we are going to continue it.  The original translator isn't responding to pleadings!

Gun-Ota ga Mahou~, is waiting on redraws qc and typesetting.  We have up to c40 approx so far so expect more soon.  The redraws tend to be annoying on this series.  The moment you think the are easy, wham, the mangaka hits you hard with them.

That’s most of the updates.  I’m working on a few others this weekend so hopefully more releases this week will include Happy Negative Marriage, UsoPara, and Kami-sama Drop.

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