Monday, November 18, 2019

Freezing c225 released.

Kazuya has a choice to make, only which will he choose? Will Platoon 13 follow him? The secret of the Nova and the Transcendental Will revealed?  Freezing continues in chapter 225.

Grab it on irc from with trigger !fz225 or read it on our reader or on mangadex,org.  shortly.

Drop in, give thanks and don't forget to support the mangaka's by purchasing the work when it becomes available in your area.

Please note this series has been put on hiatus by its artist and author.  We will return to it I hope soon.

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Please note, the magazine does NOT have chapter titles. 

We also need proofreaders really bad.  Drop in and discuss it with GodricKharg or Algazero.  Thanks.

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