Thursday, June 4, 2020

State of Scanlation June 2020

The last year has been a difficult time.  Between COVID and life in general, various translators, redrawers as well as a typesetter or two have 'retired' in one way or another.

While we do need translators and Redrawers the most, we've been working on another small project.

Most of you know that the only way to grab the finished files are through irc.  Which, for the most part, its nearly dead.  Gecko has desired for a while now to kill the irc bot and provide files via another forum.  With that said, he's managed to succeed for the most part.

Ikaros the bot is now available on our discord server.  It's really rather simple on how to grab your file.

There are only two commands.  !list and !get.

The new Ikaros has the same triggers for the most part.  Example. If you want do download Freezing chapter 224.  You'd type !get fz224

It's as simple as that.  Use the same code only preface it with !get and drop the exclamation mark.  It might also take 24 hours for the bot to pickup the files in discord.

Please note, the download links DO expire.

Please remember, this is currently beta, and if it fails, you'll need to notify Gecko or another admin.

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