Sunday, August 23, 2020

Narukami Shizuma won't settle down! a oneshot has been released

Narukami Shizuma won't settle down!, Narukami has a problem with urges...  he hopes a trip to the shrine might help, however unexpectantly.... Narukami Shizuma won't settle down! is a oneshot that's sat around FOREVER.

Grab it on irc from with trigger !narukami0 or read it on our reader here or on mangadex (shortly).  (Please note, the irc bot is currently down.  Please grab it on discord)

You can now download from discord with the command !get narukami0

Drop in, give thanks and don't forget to support the mangaka's by purchasing the work when it becomes available in your area.

Join the LetItGo discord here

Release #760

This has sat in my dropbox for ... well, lets just say it's been a while, it was tucked quietly in an old Gun-ota folder that had been forgotten...  so part of the release belongs to ONE TIME SCANS.

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