Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Kirei ni Shitemoraemasuka c33

Grandfather Was Toootally... Rami-san takes Kinme Sightseeing?  Kirei ni Shitemoraemasuka continues in c33.

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Celebrating our 8th Anniversary!? Scanlating since 2015.  wowsers!.

Release #850

We need help.  Translators, QCers and Proofreaders!

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Batsu-hare Chapter 19

I Want To Do It, Unknown to Ichiro, he's become the focus of a conversation between women in the bath, meanwhile an inebriated Shibuya-san overhears? Ichiro suddenly wants to 'do it'? Batsu-hare continues in Chapter 19.

Read it on mangadex (shortly) Watch for the download QR code to grab your own copy.
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This chapter is NSFW (nudity)

Celebrating our 8th Anniversary!? Scanlating since 2015.  wowsers!.

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State of Scanlation July 2023

Well, it looks like another anniversary has come up.

We are still alive, somewhat, COVID did a number on some of us, I know at least one of our regular volunteers works in the medical field. Not to mention my own life constantly getting in the way.  Health scares aside...

We have a new typesetter working on KireiShite, and the scripts for Batsu-hare have piled up a bit.  Yes, I have a handful for you this week to celebrate.  Hopefully you'll see a couple of each and others.

It's been over 8 years since we started out of the ashes of For The Halibut and I think we've done pretty damn good.  

If we are to continue however, we need help and donations.  Meanwhile however our output will be reduced as time allows but we will continue to work on the new 'core' series in our lineup.

Recruitment & Staff: We still need volunteers.  We need essentially all positions, especially translators, proofreaders/quality checkers AND redrawers.  These are key to continue and even build our pace up once again.  Experience is helpful, but some things we HELP you along with. More information on the recruitment pages.

Questions? Comments? Volunteering? Drop into our discord and strike up a chat.