Friday, July 24, 2015

Freezing c186 is out!

Tonight we released not just a re-release of chapters 184 and 185.  We also release chapter 186.

Read it on or leech the package from irc.

Trigger:  !fz186

Chapters 187-189 are in various stages of completeness.  There is no reason to lack a "Freezing Friday" release for the next month or more.

Freezing Vol 28 is due out end of August 2015.


  1. THanks you so much for the release. I was just wondering, do you think you or any scanlation team will pick up Hidan no Aria ? :)

  2. Kool are you guys the people who are gonna be releasing freezing ??

    1. Yes we are, and we hope it will be a long time of new releases on every Friday to continue FTH's former schedule!