Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Anime Review : Sky Wizards Academy

Continuing with a series of reviews on this summer seasons new streamed anime from Japan, I introduce Sky Wizards Academy, streamed by Funimation with subtitles on Wednesday's at 1pm Eastern time.

Meet Kanata Age, he's a hero, and a student at Sky Wizards Academy.  A school that teaches Sky wizards how to fight and defeat devil beetles.  A enemy to humanity and the reason mankind now lives in massive floating cities above the surface of earth.
Forced to retreat to floating cities due to an invasion of magical armored insects, humanity must now depend on Sky Wizards to battle the menace via mid-air battles.

Once known as the “Black Master Swordsman,” Kanata Age is now considered a traitor and is assigned to lead an F-class of mismatched mages.

Misora Whitale has all the enthusiasm to be a leader, but she’s failed 100 consecutive tests. Rico Flamel is a genius sniper, but she’s a little self-absorbed, and Lecty Eisenach is a candidate with all the ambition but zero confidence.

It’s up to Kanata Age to train the troubled trio to become accomplished Sky Wizards.

Kanata has a problem. Six months ago he saved his team from a swarm of devil beetles while protecting their floating city.  Injured in the process he manages to succeed in drawing the beetles fire and protecting everyone.

Kanata is now considered a traitor, and relegates himself to working hard at menial jobs.  One day on his way to class he takes a shortcut and meets a beautiful young woman racing towards her destination.  Introducing herself by colliding with him and landing her jam covered bread in his crotch, she accuses him of being a pervert.  While washing his pants at an outside tap, a self declared goddess sees him watching her.  She quickly discovers the pant less Kanata Age behind the tap barrier and declares him a pervert.  A young girl afraid of her own shadow finds him in the washroom,  Kanata had been in such a hurry to retreat, he found himself unaware but in the women's rest room.  Again branded a pervert he is eventually called up to the headmasters office where he discovered he, a traitor, has been reassigned.

Kanata Age has been assigned to be the instructor for fire team E601.  The worst team in the academy.  Guess who he now instructs.

His problems have just begun, as he manipulates the members of Fireteam E601 to be the best they can be and learn to work together

A story of self determination and learning to protect what's important to you.   A definite must watch.

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