Friday, August 21, 2015

Freezing Pair Love Stories Ch 5

Today we release Freezing Pair Love Stories Ch 5.

Arnet McMillan & Abebe Morrison Pt I. This is a two part story about how Arnet and Abebe met.

Grab it in irc on or read it on (shortly)

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  1. Ty guys . I dont want to be rude but can you guys focus only on Freezing and let zero and love pairs for later cuz most of the fans want to see the next chapter especially now when is the most interesting . Anyway thanks for your hard work and keep going hope that till the end of September all raws will be translated

    1. Paul, we appreciate your concern and your feedback. However, we work mainly from the finalized volumes (tankubons) and not the magazine releases. Seeing as Chapter 189 was the last chapter of vol 27, instead of giving you nothing for 3 weeks, we are releasing side stories/spin off chapters in the meantime.

      We'll be back to the main story soon enough.

    2. oh then i apologize for my last comment i didnt know that things are going in that way and i wish that everything will go without problems for the next volume .So the next update will be after 2 weeks?

    3. No problem Paul. It was a choice made back when FTH was working on the series, and we've just elected to continue the standard.

      That said, translation has begun on the main series again so give it a coup,e weeks and you're sure to be happy.

  2. Awesome work guys! This manga i like a lot! so i wait eagerly for new releases, whether it may be main story or the spin offs. All r equally great!