Friday, May 27, 2016

Freezing c198 Released

Noise.  Kazuya's defeated the Nova with the help of Arnett, Elizabeth and Satellizer.  With communications restored, they rush to help Rana, however they arrive to find...  Freezing continues in chapter 198.

Grab it in irc on or read it on (shortly)

Either way, drop in, say hi, and give thanks for your favorite Manga.

Please don't forget to buy the official releases once they are available in your area.

Trigger:  !fz198

Please note:  Apparently just after I  uploaded to, I discovered it was having problems. I've let them know, its just a matter of time.  Its also not ONLY Freezing that isn't loading.  Should now be fixed.  If not, try modifying the server you are drawing from.  Look for the small gear top right corner of the page. Cycle through until you get something.

I have also re-released chapter 197.  Modified Lana to read Rana.  I'm leaving both versions on the bot, but the one will come down on batoto once they fix the loading issues.

Grab it with trigger !fz197.2 in irc

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