Sunday, May 15, 2016

Recruitment & New Series

We are currently looking to recruit for various new series that are languishing.  A couple new series to boot.  This will only cover projects not yet released or being picked up from 'idle' or 'defunct'  groups.

Altina - Sword Princess seems nearly fully staffed and is slowly coming along.

Brave Star Romantics still needs everything from a translator through to quality controller.  We've had some interest but nothing firm yet.

Miko Blood looks like its mostly staffed, with only three chapters it wont take much to get it out once the scripts are done.  This will be a low quality production unless someone has better raws then we have.  It does need a translator.

No Game No Life Desu is slowly picking up some steam.  We need a Typesetter and QC to monitor the project.  A translator would also help.

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san was a project we where interested in.  We've put it aside seeing as at least two or three other scanlators have already fired out nearly 14 chapters each.

Youkai Shoujo. A japanzai project which came with most of the staff.  I hope to see a chapter in the next couple weeks.  It only really needs a cleaner and redrawer .  If your interested and capable in either or both of these. Please contact us with the series in the subject or body.

Saikin Kono Sekai wa Watashi dake no Mono ni Narimashita needs everything except a redraw/cleaner.  MIGHT have a translator but have not been able to confirm that.

Haru-nee ga Boku ni xx Suru Riyuu. Another of Japanzai's projects we are working on.  We have a translator, and two possible others.

Hare-kon. Yet another of Japanzai's projects.  What can I say, they worked on a few series I enjoyed reading.  We where asked, and with a translator its hard to say no to.  The only positions open on this are Redrawer and QC.

Yumekuri.  A RZK project before going idle, the translator was hoping to keep it going.  We need a proofreader, a cleaner/redrawer and a quality controller.  This series was reclaimed by RZK, we will watch it and put it back on our list if needed.

Nozomi x Kimio. Another RZK project we'd like to continue.  Again, we have a translator, and a typesetter willing to step up.  We just need a proofreader and redrawer/cleaner, and QC for the project.  This series was reclaimed by RZK, we will watch it and put it back on our list if needed.

Sexual Hunter Riot is in our pipeline with a translator.  We really need a cleaner/redrawer, a typesetter, and a QC.  This series has been completed by RZK

Seto no Hanayome, I've had some responses people asking if we plan on picking this up.  All I can say is it IS in our pipeline.  It does however need all positions to get the project moving.  Everything from Translator to QC.

Ikebukuro Hatsu, Zensekai Yuki! Again, another in our pipeline but desperately needs help on all fronts.  Translator to QC.

Classmate Kamimura Yuukimura wa kou Ita is a potential joint with Mangaichi Scanlation and/or Norway Scans.  A GOOD Translator and Typesetter is desperately needed to get this project up and running.  Contact us here, or Mitusu-kun at the MSD Website or in irc.  Just refer to us when you inquire.

Monogatari no Naka no Hito, the good people at Mangaichi wanted to do this project and need a translator and/or a typesetter.  The translator is key to getting the project moving.

Revolt, I'm not usually one for war type manga, but this one has just the right mix of elements to make me interested.  It needs a translator and typesetter.  

REC, is a series we also need a translator for.  If you would like to help translate this series, we have the raws ready to go.   Shoot us a line below and I promise you'll get a response within 12 hours.  Maybe sooner.

We do have some interest in other series not included above.  However they've not been listed above because they are either lower in priority, OR, is due to the shortage of translators.

There ARE a couple Korean->English projects I'd like to work on, such as Pride Complex, so if your interested, don't be afraid to holler.

If you are interested in any of the above projects, please contact us using the contact form at the side or emailing us at LetItGo.scans (at)  If you want to have us consider a project you want to see done, it really needs to have a translator.  Asking to have us pick up a project?  "Can I help TRANSLATE/clean/redraw or typeset" this for at least a dozen chapters.".

Please indicate your level of experience and which series or groups you've worked with before. EXPERIENCE is not necessary, just helpful.  Willing to train the right people who are willing to work hard.  Also remember to mention the series your most interested in.

These are all volunteer positions.

[EDITED Oct 31, 2016]


  1. May we request a series to translated?

    1. It seems to me that they got their hands full, they'll likely need more people to do other series. Also, I'll quote: "We do have some interest in other series not included above. However they've not been listed above because they are either lower in priority, OR, is due to the shortage of translators."

    2. Sometimes it's best to not bite more than one can chew. They do a great job with the series they have, but if they get too many, they might get stretched too thin. That will lead to things being rushed, thus lowering the quality of their work.

    3. Thank you Ballador.

      You're right, and while we have a huge list posted here, and it is HUGE, a portion of them comes with staff from other groups. Which I will likely be filling in for TS if needed on some.

      I'm always saying, find a translator if you really want a series done. Then bring them to us and we can arrange RAWs and the rest. Time permitting of course.

      Not to mention we have at least one series ending in the next month, two more within 4-6 months of being finished, not to mention some that are smaller or less frequent then we'd like.

    4. Oh, I love the work they do and I understand they have quite a bit on their hands. I just wanted to know if, at some point in time, we could maybe request a series. If not, it's not a problem. I thank you guys for all the work you already do and enjoy a couple of the series you guys currently have.

    5. There are only a few 'genre' I would say no to personally, that said there are always exceptions to the rule. I wouldnt have traditionally picked up Sekirei for gender bending, I probably wouldn't have picked up Liar's Paradox for the reverse harem trap, but I do enjoy reading both of those immensely.

      I wasn't fancy on darkside sister, due to the 'necrophilia' in the name, yet I'm finishing the series off. (It does NOT have what we typically call Necrophilia anywhere in it).

      When Dream Hunter Rem was pitched to me I had very little interest in it, but it isn't a bad series. That and skypilot had so much PASSION for it, as well as raws and translations, I couldn't help but assist with it. (I felt the pain he felt, being a Sekirei fan and having gone so long without my own fix...)

      So in short I will never refuse to hear a suggestion, as long as its politely and 'creatively' put forth. As always, the availability of a translator matters greatly. (I try to compile a list for consideration on our project board once every month or two).

      Remember, most of us will turn our attention to series we enjoy. So get us hooked on it first is probably a good idea :)

      I myself like Fantasy, harem, ecchi, sci-fi, slice of life, school life stories; and generally dislike 'sailor moon' type stories. Exceptions? I Find myself into High School Fleet anime recently, and a couple others on funimation and crunchyroll. Like I said, always an exception to the rule if its properly done.
      (BTW, I DO read most of what we put out, and not just because we put it out).

  2. Hi, what about manga REC? dropped?

    1. It is not dropped. I like that one myself. The problem here is for REC, the translator we had disappeared, showed up, said he would work on it again, then disappeared again shortly after.

      The OTHER translator we had do a chapter or two, was going to pick back up after christmas but had RL swamp him. He had some computer issues and I believe school continues to get in his way. Damn school eh?

      Anyways, I continue my search for a translator willing to work on it. (I've had a couple near misses, they just happen to go quiet after a short period).

      Is it wrong to ask for 1-2 chapters a month minimum?

  3. Then I must ask. Have you read Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai? Or Majikoi for short.

  4. Replies
    1. Unsure which series your refering to. If you are refering to Kamisama Drop, no, its not dropped.

      If you are referring to Yumekuri, we have simply halted progress on it as RZK's Derek returned and asked us to let him continue it along with another.

      If you're referring to another series, you might need to link it so I can answer unquestionably.

    2. Ahh , am refering Classmate, Kamimura Yuukimura wa kou ita