Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sekirei c180 released

The last person and bird.  Minato and Musubi are on their way to Kouten, but Minato isn't sure if he likes the travel arrangements, or who they have to fight.  Sekirei continues in chapter 180.

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  1. Great, thank you very much for the new chapter.

  2. Good stuff as usual. I still don't think No. 00 is the same physical person as Izumo Inn's Miya. They may be connected in various ways (or even be a shared consciousness) but Miya was never shown to have the ability to transport herself over such a long distance.

    Yen Press' release of the English translation of Vol. 4 was screwed up on Google Play again. It was fine on the Barnes & Noble Nook and I assume the Amazon Kindle. I wish I knew why that keeps happening.