Saturday, September 30, 2017

State of Scanlation Summer 2017

We've stumbled a bit heading into the next year.

By the numbers.

One of our typesetters, Hekate who works on Romsen Saga, Happy Negative Marriage, Kunoichi and UsoPara has to step aside, or at least minimize his workload.  He needs to drop everything but one due to personal reasons.  Keep him in your prayers/thoughts.

As a result, I could use at least one more typesetter.  I myself am slowing down even tho my passion is just as hot as ever for manga, that said, Help?

You need to have Photoshop 7+, and a willingness to learn.

 Joshikai Quest - Please consider this on the backburner.  If another group would like to pick it up, please contact me and I'll gladly point people to their website to keep abreast of the situation.  I honestly need the translator to focus on the couple other projects we have that are a bit more significant.  IE, Adam in Puberty, and DomeX etc.

365 days without her. -  You might know this as Sekirei 365, or 365 days without a girlfriend, however I'm told this is the closer translation.  It seems we might have a translator for it, it'll be a joint.  We just need to wait for the script, and I'll be typesetting it myself, at least to start. (Godric)

Online Reader - I've been asked by one of our guys who is working on this stuff for another group, if we'd like our own reader.  My own concern is cost to maintain the server.  I mean we put out up to 200 chapters a year.  I know we ain't batoto or even one of the smaller guys but, its a concern yaknow?  I'd like to hear your opinions on it.

Shortly after listing a couple new series on our recruitment card, other groups have picked them up.  I am still evaluating their quality before I decide whether or not to redirect attentions to a smaller list.

Yes, I'm willing to do a joint for most of these.

 Again, anyone able to redraw or typeset especially would be appreciated.  Please contact us via the application/help link along the top menu and fill out the form so we have an idea of your ability.


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