A new group from the ashes of the old, FTH-scans disbanded and now together as a loose group with common interests.  We endeavour to release the best quality releases within reason.

LetitGo-scans is a loose group of individuals working in projects we find interesting.

Want us to work on your Favourite Series? Expect to put in a bit of time and work learning how to help us do it.

Yes, we are looking for Translators.
Must have a good handle on JP->EN translation.

WWW: This website.
IRC: letitgo@irc.irchighway.net
email: letitgo. scans @ gmail. com


  1. What manga is your recruitment page from?

    1. We cycle through a few. Most recently it has been either Freezing (DVD bonus), Hare Kon, or Kunoichi no Ichi.