Q: Will you share your RAWs with our group so we can release in x language?

A: We purchase our RAWs from a source which allows us to support the mangaka's in some small way.  We suggest you do the same.  A tankubon generally costs no more than $20 USD per Volume depending on the exchange rates involved.  We request you do the same.  Our RAW provider would be happy to assist you in purchasing them for yourself.

Q: Could you please pick up X series?

A:  We would love to.  Can you translate the series for us, so we can proofread, clean, redraw, and typeset the series in question?  Seriously! If you can find a translator willing to work on it, and maybe help out with one of the a fore mentioned tasks we can talk.

Q:  Why don't you release more of X series?

A:  There are likely any number of reasons we could throw at you.  This is a hobby that we do in our spare time, thus a release is at the mercy of the individuals working in the project.  That said, if a series is already caught up, we all are at the mercy of the mangaka and the publisher for their publishing frequency.

Q:  Will you help me with a (joint) project?

A:  We will never say no right off, but depending on the project, and it's contents we may or may not be interested. Drop in IRC or send  message using the contact form and we'll open a dialog.

Q:  Why don't you update the releases on all the aggregate readers available?

Primarily we only support mangadex as a reader, unless its through a joint partnership with another group such as One Time Scans, M.S.D, or another they will host it on theirs and update as needed.

Also, if you are reading it anywhere else, you are contributing to someone profiting off our work, and the original author's work.

Q:  Why was my comment deleted.

We love to hear from everyone that reads the series' we work on.  However, comment sections are not intended to promote other websites.  We may however decide to review services, aggregators, or anime streaming sites on our own.  Please keep in mind, this is not the primary function of our group nor the blog, so any "hot links" or otherwise will be removed.

Currently the ONLY aggregator we support is mangadex, as well as joint groups' readers.


  1. Do you Interest to translate new arc of sekirei? It just release raw last week

    1. We have every intention to pick this series up. We already have a tentative translator, and the RAWs. This is at least half the battle.

  2. Why haven't you been able to translate Freezing chapter 210 yet?

    1. Freezing c210 was released about a week ago.

      I just took delivery from our RAW provider tonight. While I can try to blame our cloud provider for not informing me we had them 2 days ago, it doesn't change the fact that we are still waiting on the translation file. I am 'expecting' it within the week. He's a busy man.

      You can be ASSURED that the minute I see it pop up on the file share, I'll be on it like a teenager on porn.

    2. Any estimates as to when would you release please? You are the only ones
      out there as translators and everyone is pretty excited for the new chapter.

    3. I just now saw this. The last couple months have been crazy, more so the last week with our string of releases for our anniversary.

      When will c210 be released? I can't promise anything however, I will say the script as I understand it, is nearly done. The TL has had a number of issues real life he's had to confront, each slowing him down.

      I do check in with him every few days however and I should expect the completed script within a day or two assuming life permits.

      It takes me a night to typeset, and I usually return to it after a couple days with fresh eyes to fix quality issues. So, earliest would be Friday or Saturday. There is no guarantee to this however. I still have my other more regular series to focus on until Tuesday.

      Don't be worried, it'll get done. I love the series myself.

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  4. Why do you translate and give so much priority to Adam in Puberty if it's yaoi?

  5. can you make a guide for IRC noob please?

  6. The manga "Sense" by Haruki has been dropped since 2013. It is an adult series which I really like. I only know it's been dropped because it was released by japanzai which was closed down. I'm wondering if you are interested in doing this manga but I don't have any other information on this.

  7. I'm still waotong on that hare-kon release. Keep up the good work.