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RAW Provider

Most of our series have RAWs provided already. We try whenever possible to actually purchase the releases. Why?  This gives us a bit more control over what we are using and the public RAWs are not always all that good.  Marginally usable sometimes, and yes, sometimes there isn't much of a difference between what we get and the public RAWs, however...

STOP,  before you send us RAWs if we've requested them in one of the series, some steps need to be taken before you send them in.  We love RAWs, and sometimes we do ask.  If a tankoubon, or a magazine isn't offered in digital format we must extend our reach for getting our hands on them.  The best suggestion we can make is BEFORE you scan anything in, tape a sheet of black paper on the lid of your scanner (This prevents bleeding, where you can see a ghost of the opposite side).  It DOES make a huge difference for the cleaner/redrawer and helps get the chapters released faster.

Translator:  <Apply JP-EN> <Apply KR-EN>

This position is actually pretty simple, but complicated at the same time.  You are tasked with converting a foreign language into English so it can be understood by our readers.  This INCLUDES being able to research or understand jokes good and bad, and puns, not to mention cultural references which might need their own 'custom' translation for the western culture to  understand.  Please see "AnonBlack's" website for more information on challenges of translation.

If you’re applying to be a translator, you should:

  • have taken at least two~three years of Japanese classes or equivalent JLPT (N4-N3 or higher)
  • feel comfortable using dictionaries to assist you in your translation
  • work in a timely manner
  • be open-minded and eager to hone your translation skills further
  • be able to submit 2-3 chapters per month on one or more series (approx 25 pages in length)
Translator Levels -
N5 = waste of our time, that's barely a year of typical classes at college level.
N4 = capable of translating straightforward series with furigana and no technobabble. Sans furigana is fine if you are familiar with tools to look up kanji, but translation will be be slower.
N3 = capable of a decent translation of most non-battle shounen, or seinen series like Kashiwagi-san or Yumekui Merry. Preferences for literalism/fluid translation begin to emerge. TLC necessary for many dialogue-heavy series.
N2 = has all of the tools necessary to tl effectively without the need for a tlc; many American publishers will happily hire these for text TLs rather than look for an N1. At this point a distinct style and preference for literal/modified translation has become clear.
N1 = Are you sure you're not lying about your proficiency in this context? "No scanlation ever has an N1 translator. Overqualified doesn't begin to describe it. N1s belong in extremely professional settings, such as live interpretation and legal contract translation. At this point you are effectively on the level of a fresh grad student at a good Japanese university.

Previous translation experience is not necessary, but is always helpful.  Expect to have translations kicked back for fixes and adjustments.

Translator Check:

Tasked with double checking the translations done.  Works with the Translator and the Proofreader for the best end result in a project.

Proofreader:  <Apply>

Tasked with editing the translation for proper English flow.  Often in Japanese a word is gender specific or non-gender specific.  There are also times when a translation needs proper punctuation for proper flow.  This assists in the end reader understanding the story better.

If you’re applying to be a proofreader, you should:

  • speak English as a first language.
  • able to work with the translator for best possible translation and/or wording.
  • be comfortable with rewording phrases and jokes to be more acceptable in English.
  • be prepared to work closely with the a series release schedule if any.
  • have a sharp eye for errors and missing elements.
You should also read this guideline before applying.  Thank you.  PR-Guide

Cleaner/Redraw editor: <Apply>

Tasked with cleaning the scans.  There are two types of 'scans' we work with.  Raw print scans, which need a lot of cleaning, and digital raws, which simply need the foreign language 'scrubbed' or 'cleaned' from the images and prepared for the typesetter.  Redrawing is the task of replacing a pattern or part of a 'drawing image' which has had background text placed over it.  "floating text" "background text" "Panel text".  This includes side bubble text (it often reads as an after thought or narration of sorts)

If you’re applying to be a cleaner, you should:
  • use Photoshop (or an equivalent program that saves in .psd)
  • be able to clean up raw scan images
  • feel comfortable using the clone stamp tool
  • communicate with typesetters and translators on what does and doesn’t need to be cleaned
Prospective redrawers should have prior experience or expertise in redrawing.
  •  Ideally be able to redraw 2-4 25 page chapters a month.

Typesetter: <Apply> 

Tasked with the selection of fonts for the project (along with other team members).  Compares the original font for the original language and 'converts' it to an English/translated font such as ccjoekubert or another.  The typesetter formats the text for each bubble in a readable manner that allows it to flow, and occasionally makes corrections on the fly if missed by the translator or proofreader.  (we maintain a guideline file for fonts we use per project).  For some insight into typesetter duties and knowledge you should have going in please consult "BlackAnon's" Typesetting guide.

If you’re applying to be a typesetter, you should:
  • use Photoshop or an equivalent program that saves in .psd and uses point text.
  • feel comfortable using multiple fonts
  • be able to center text and line it properly
  • follow the standards as described in the Typesetting Guide
Cleaning experience, and previous typesetting experience, is not necessary, but is recommended. Typesetters will most likely get some form of cleaning training.

Quality Control: <Apply>

Checks everyone's work quality and then approves for 'release'.  The quality checker needs to be a proofreader and needs to be familiar the rules of typesetting.

If you’re applying to be a quality checker, you should:

  • speak English as a first language.
  • be comfortable with rewording phrases and jokes to be more acceptable in English.
  • be prepared to work closely with the a series release schedule if any.
  • have a sharp eye for errors and missing elements.


  1. I'd love to apply to apply for quality control or proofreader. However, is it okay if English isn't my native language?

    1. It's fine as long as you have a good grasp on English itself.

  2. can you review your test for typesetting? forgive me if im wrong but i think its does not match..

  3. it same case mine , my native language is not English but i would like to help in quality control

  4. wow, these are super tight, I fit nothing, lol

  5. Guys, regardless of the language I choose to apply as a translator, the test is the same. For instance, I chose KR->EN and yet the test is 100% from Japanese manga.

    1. thanks, I'm gonna look into this now.

    2. I created another 'test' for Korean to English.

  6. i'd like to apply for cleaner/redrawer. BUT i dont have much experiences on these works. I do have experience on drawing. Is it ok if i apply?

  7. Hello I would like to apply for cleaner. Have a lot of free time, so may as well help out

  8. I would love to apply for proofreader or quality control

  9. Replies
    1. Everything is voluntary. We make no $$ and any donations of earnings from the banners go straight to raws, or hosting fees. IE dropbox etc.

  10. I can translate from English to Italian. I am a native Italian speaker and I already translate Webtoons. Would it be okay if I could translate your chapters from English to Italian?

  11. Is it still possible if i join as typesetter? Also is there any fee that we get of it?

  12. Do you still need a cleaner/redrawer?